protectionProtecting children from abuse of any kind is a responsibility that we must all undertake.‎
First and foremost, child abuse, whether physical or emotional, will not be tolerated by ‎any official, board member, manager, coach or any volunteer or employee of the IAB
Any child abuse discovered must be reported to the appropriate authorities.‎
The objective of the IAB is to foster a safe and positive environment for children and ‎young people to participate in Israel Baseball activities.‎
Israel Association of Baseball is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and well-‎being of children and young people are maintained at all times during their participation in activities run by the IAB.‎
The Israel Association of Baseball aims to promote a safe environment for all children ‎and to assist all staff, officials, coaches, members and volunteers to recognize child ‎abuse and to follow the appropriate notification procedures when reporting alleged abuse.‎
If you become aware of any instance of abuse of a child participating in any IAB ‎activities, please give a full report to the IAB, in addition to any reports required by law.‎