telavivjuvenilesBaseball started in the United States. It quickly spread to the Carribean, ‎South America, ‎and Japan. There are baseball leagues all over the Americas, Asia, ‎and Europe. It is one ‎of the most popular sports in the world. And now, baseball is ‎in Israel.‎

In baseball, there are 9 players per team. One team is on defense, "in the ‎field". One ‎team is on offense, "hitting". The "pitcher" from the team on defense ‎throws the ball. The ‎hitter from the team on offense "hits" the ball. If the hitter ‎‎"swings and misses", which is ‎called a "strike", 3 times, he is "out". After 3 outs, the ‎teams switch sides. Each time the ‎teams switch, it's called an "inning". There are 9 ‎innings in a game. The idea is to "score" ‎more "runs", or points, than the other ‎team. Here is how to score a run in baseball... ‎There are 4 "bases"; "home plate", ‎where the hitter starts, "1st base", "2nd base", and "3rd ‎base". When the hitter hits ‎the ball, he runs around the bases until he either scores, or ‎until the defense stops ‎him by getting him out by tagging him with the ball. If the hitter ‎gets all the way ‎around the bases and returns "safely" to home plate, where he started, it ‎is 1 run. ‎

The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins. ‎

And that... is baseball!‎


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