noamCNoam Calisar, 16, from the Tel Aviv Comrades, was selected to participate in an MLB ‎camp. Noam was sent to Prague in April to try out for the MLB camps with another ‎‎360 players from around Europe. Noam was chosen to participate in a hitting mini-‎camp to take place in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands at the end of June.‎

We spoke to Noam after he received the good news from Major League Baseball ‎International, which organizes camps for talented players throughout the world. ‎

What was the selection process?‎
I travelled to Prague for the tryouts. Richard Kania, the Israel Senior National Team ‎coach who lives in Prague, hosted me at his home and helped me to prepare for the ‎tryouts. The tryouts included infield drill – 60 yard (55 meter) sprints, ground balls to ‎each side and from shortstop to first base, and finally two batting rounds of eight ‎pitches.‎

How do you feel having been selected for the camp?‎
I am very proud to be chosen to participate in an MLB training camp and to represent ‎Israel baseball and the State of Israel as well.‎

What do you hope to gain from the camp?‎
I am looking forward to the opportunity to train as much as possible with MLB ‎coaches, to improve my playing capabilities and to be exposed to MLB coaches and ‎scouts. ‎

What age did you start playing baseball?‎
I started playing baseball when I lived in Japan at the age of 9.‎

What are your baseball ambitions?‎
I want to be the first Israeli in the MLB and of course to help develop baseball in Israel.‎