davidfriedman2Name: David Friedman‎

Profession: Retired college dean and lecturer/instructor in History. I currently ‎work with two Israeli-Arab reconciliation initiatives, and am a part-time Cincinnati ‎Reds scout.

Team you coach: Modi’in Miracles Premier Leagueout.‎

Years as a coach: 22 - 15 in the IAB; 1 in the NCAA; 5 in American high school ‎baseball

Your first baseball experience: In 1959, watching the Duluth Dukes play as a ‎‎6-year old (the then AA minor league team of the Detroit Tigers).‎

You’re a fan of: The Northwestern College Eagles, where I coached.‎

The player you most admire and why: (a tie) - Wilmer Mizell (Cards and ‎Pirates pitcher, 1950s); Kirby Puckett (Twins OFer). Both of them gave their all to ‎be the best that they could, both in baseball, and as human beings. They were ‎amazing role models for young men. Their charitable actions towards less ‎fortunate persons could fill a book.‎

Your most memorable baseball moment as a coach: Coaching against ‎Kenny Phelps (former Seattle Mariners’ slugger) in high school in our league ‎title game (Phoenix, Arizona, 1999) and we lost in the 9th inning. Also, being ‎honored by the high school I coached at, at the same ceremony where my son ‎was named Junior Athlete of the Year in 1999.‎

If you weren’t coaching baseball, you’d be… Spending more time following ‎and bemoaning the fate of my favorite American football team, the Minnesota ‎Vikings.‎

Your top coaching tip: #1 was given to me by an 8-year old player many years ‎ago: “Coach, if I can’t do it with the bat tonight, I can do it with the glove”. #2: ‎Hitters, learn to think along with pitchers, and you will improve greatly. ‎

Your coaching mantra: Play with great fundamentals, and have some fun ‎while you’re at it!‎

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