2015 yearstart 1In 1986, a group of expat baseball enthusiasts established The Israel Association of Baseball ‎‎(IAB), a non-profit organization to promote and develop baseball in Israel. Today the IAB ‎works via a network of coaches and players throughout Israel to:‎
• Teach and coach baseball
• Run teams in 5 leagues from ages 6 to adult
• Train and enter national teams in competitions around the world, representing ‎Israel
• Train coaches, umpires and scorekeepers
• Offer clinics and camps
• Serve as a hub for all baseball-related activities in Israel.‎

The IAB is active in all areas of Israel and in all sections of the population. Trained ‎coaches throughout Israel work to teach the fundamentals of baseball. Every week, ‎teams throughout Israel play baseball together and, most importantly, have a lot of fun in ‎the process.‎

In 2014, the IAB launched the Israel Baseball Academy, which is recognized by Major League Baseball as the elite program for 14-21 year-old baseball players in Israel. 

The IAB runs the very successful Baseball Le’Kulam program, which brings together Jewish Israel and Arab Israeli 6th graders three times a year to learn to play baseball and have an opportunity to get to know one another.

The IAB is a member of The Israel Olympic Committee, The Confederation of European ‎Baseball (CEB), World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC), Major League Baseball International (MLBI), and Little League. ‎

The IAB is a registered non-profit organization (amutah) organized and operating under ‎the laws of the State of Israel.

Baseball is for everyone. Our leagues are open to boys and girls from age 6 and up. ‎From beginners to experienced players, there's a place for everyone who's interested. ‎Our experienced coaches are experts at training players who have never held a baseball ‎bat before and turning them into real baseball players.‎ Through our program Baseball Le'Kulam, the IAB brings together Jewish and Arab Israeli young teens to learn baseball together and to have a shared experience. 

The motto for all our players is: "Let's have fun" because playing baseball is all about ‎having fun and being involved in one of the most exciting sports in the world. Being part ‎of a baseball team is a life lesson in learning to work together and becoming a better ‎person.

If you are interested in playing baseball or becoming involved in baseball in Israel register today or contact us, using the Contact Us form on this site.‎

Donations to support the IAB can be made in the United States through Maccabi USA here (please enter Israel Baseball in the "Use my payment for" box) or by sending a check to:

Marshall Einhorn
Maccabi USA
1511 Walnut Street, Suite 401
Philadelphia PA 19102